Wednesday 27 February 2013

Shopping and Subconcious love

I thought I would share with you a few of my recent acquisitions. And I made a random selection, well random I thought anyway, from my records files of my purchases. And I started to put together a collage.

And lo and behold! I discovered a theme there. Mainly a color theme. It is both what I actually have bought, but also what I did pick to be included in the collage for you. Because I have bought for instance yellow things too, but I didn't include them in the collage.

(Btw, do YOU keep organized records of your purchases? I do!)

Here's what I see anyway:
  1. Dark blues, midnight blues, matte or frosted and/or metallic. 
  2. Whites, beiges, ecru's, greys. Well these colors I always have a weak spot for. As combination, background or in between colors sort of. I love to use them to help lift forward what I wish to lift forward. But sometimes they have the main role too of course.
  3. Oranges, rusty oranges
  4. I purchased that Harbinger clasp from Lorelei. I love the pattern and I was so happy I got my hands on it. But then funnily, about half an hour later I had also bought some beads from Pam Wynn. Not at all aware at the time that the one with turqouise edges sort of related to the clasp. Pam's bead is a large focal one about the same size as Lorelei's clasp I believe. And I felt at the time that it wasn't really my normal style, and I hesitated as I looked through my cart. But in the end I couldn't resist it. What do you think? Was it my subconscious that saw the pattern? I do! And I do love my subconscious!!!!!
  5. How about those unique figure beads from Reduction Nation then? Well I saw them and I thought "How absolutely wonderfully quirky they are! I gotta have them." Bought them a couple of days before my visit to Pam Wynn's shop. Would I have bought those orange tube beads from her without the figure beads? Maybe. One thing is for sure when it comes to Pam Wynn's beads. They are absolutely gorgeous in reality! No picture can do them justice! I know that, because I bough my first set from her a little more than a month back. And I was completely blown away about their marvelousness when I opened my package. And I have already used them in a set of three bracelets related to each other, that I have not yet shown you. I might submit them to a magazine you see. We'll see what happens. Thank you Lorelei Eurto for making me aware of Pam Wynn!
  6. Thank you Rebecca Anderson for making me aware of Scorched Earth! I bought the ceramic links from her, and a few more gorgeous beads and pieces. An adorable Seagull pendant among other things.

(Open the picture in a new side window if you wish to see it larger, and please note that the pictures, and what's on them are not in scale to each other.)

From top left and so on:
  • All the seed bead type beads in the upper left corner are from Fusion Beads
  • Orange speckled tube beads from Pam Wynn
  • Harbinger clasp from Lorelei Eurto
  • White flat wide rubber o-rings from Swedish shop Fru Parla (=Mrs Bead, isn't that a great name!). I shall enjoy playing with those!!! Never seen that style before. And I have never used rubber o-rings before either.
  • Ceramic links from Scorched Earth
  • Polymer clay focal bead from Pam Wynn
  • Rusty orange figure beads from Reduction Nation
  • Pink flower etched ovals from Reduction Nation
  • Dark blue matte lucite rice beads from Reduction Nation

All my best,


steufel said...

I'm a terribly unorganized shopper - I'd love to change that, unfortunately I'm a serial offender:-) Love your purchases. The rubber rings look so much fun, can't wait to see what you will do with them!

Heidi Post said...

Oh goodness, I could never manage to keep track of my purchases. At best, when I buy some expensive beads, I'll write the price on a scrap of card stock and drop it in the container with them. And I have a general idea what all my artbeads cost.

I like your selection, and yes - I definitely see a color theme going on. So far from the colors I gravitate toward, but very lovely.

Anonymous said...

Just catching up with your blog, Malin - such lovely work recently and very much enjoying your insight into collections of beads! Plus, those bracelets are gorgeous.

All the best