Saturday 18 May 2013

Oakidoki ;-)

I am involuntarily spending the weekend on my own. I was supposed to go with my family to Solvesborg in the south of Sweden. But I couldn't come along, due to a small stupid cold which totally has knocked me out. Spent yesterday mostly in bed sleeping. Envious of them who got away to a nice place, meeting lots of nice people. In the evening I took a pill for the fever, and could sit up for a couple of hours. I made these earrings, and laid out the ideas for a few more that I hopefully will get around to assemble over the coming days. 

Anyway, later in the evening I got a question from a lovely lady in the international beading community: "Do you have or use any rules for how you combine colors in you jewelry, or do you go by what you think look good?" (possibly not totally correctly quoted). The answer is simple. I go only by gut feeling. If I have any rule, it is that it musn't be boring, or expected. I try to go against the obvious choices a lot of the times. It is almost like a compulsory need for me to be opposing conventions. And so I came to think that these earrings I had just completed, very well illustrate that. Or what do you think? At least they were great fun to make.

Earrings - Oakidoki.
Anne, Elaine and Me together in a happy, summery and mismatched combo. These earrings put me in such a good mood when I wear them. They are very light weight.

Handmade beads:
Green enameled oak leaves - Anne Gardanne
Ceramic macaroni shaped beads - Elaine Ray
Beaded Bead - Me, Malin de Koning
Copper earring hooks - JNicLoft

Waxed linen cording


All my jewelry is available for purchasing, even though I might not yet have listed them in my Etsy Shop. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them. Contact me at: malindekoning[at]

All my best,


Elaine Ray said...

These are really beautiful! Thanks for including my beads.

Regina said...

These are so lovely!

Gardanne said...

What lovely company to be included in.

sasha + max studio said...

Beautiful and so textured. Take care and hope you feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Oh Malin they are so very lovely! I love them!!! (want them too hehe)

Rebecca said...

These are so pretty Malin. I am never sure what I think of asymmetrical earrings, but these work so well! Very balanced.