Thursday 18 September 2014

More Fun With Earrings

My aim in my current earrings period is to make designs which are more playful than I would normally do, or just not typical for myself. And I am very into the stacking concept, combining in a fun and perhaps unexpected way. Also I am going through my bead stash to find beads and components which have been waiting there for a long time, to finally be put into use. 

Art beads: Pink and orange cubes by GracefulWillowBeads. 
Brass ear wires from Vintaj.

Art beads: Green enameled corrugated rounds by PaintingWithFire.
Rosey copper ear wires by E2SSupplies.
I treated one of the copper barberry leaves dangles a bit too rough, so it broke at the stem. But as I had only two, and didn't want to give up on the design idea I fixed it, creating a new bail with copper wire.

Art beads: Grey with white discs by SecondSurf.
Rosey copper ear wires by E2SSupplies.
The copper cups I've had for ages. Happy to finally create something with them that works, in it's own quirky way :-).

Please let me know if you like and want to buy any of these earrings.

All my best,


Alice said...

Great earrings! I love the way you designed them. My favorite is the second pair.

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

"Playful" is the perfect descriptor, Malin (but they are all beautiful as well) :)

sasha + max studio said...

Very fresh and lovely, the first pair are my favs! Thanks for sharing.