Wednesday 19 May 2010


Ok, it is like this. I want to change the layout on my blog. And I am going to do it little by little. So you will just have to endure it looking awkward during a few days. My style of doing things is to just jump right in, and learn as I go along. Today I created this header image from a photograph of one of my first beadstitching attepts last fall/autumn. I am not shure yet I will stick with that one, I guess we will see.

And the next step will be to change that green background colour and to get rid of the green chequered "line" under the header image. I want the whole site to be more pale greyish-beige so that the images will stand out more. And headers and links should be easily seen. Another thing I wish is to have a line between each post and also between the main column and the right one where all the extras are.

Wish me luck!
And please give me some hints or tips if you have any.

Here is David Bowie for you:


Barbara Lewis said...

i love the header! will keep checking back for the other changes. sounds good!

steufel said...

I love your new header. Keep it coming:-) regards Stefanie

Stacy Moore said...

I just found my new favorite beading resource of all time. I had to share this link with every other bead lover out there.