Monday 26 July 2010

Magical Musical Mondays - #1

Thought I would start a regular post every monday. Some of you already know that music is really important to me. I live with it. I don't perform at all myself, but I love to find excellent music of various genres. And I love to share my finds with others.

(Some of you might also know, or have understood, that I love setting up plans, but that I sometimes fail in completing my plans ... So if I don't post a piece of Magical Music every Monday, please excuse me. And just consider my intention, and that I hopefully will come back next week.)

This song, Edit by Regina Spektor, I have chosen because I spend a lot of time editing my jewellery before they are completely ready. And because I just LOOOOVE Regina Spektor. I could put many of her songs here.


Pretty Things said...

I love music, too, but there are times that I have to put a disk aside, because the memories it evokes are too raw or too powerful -- ever get like that?

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness, I just love Regina! She is awesome. Isn't Begin to Hope just the best album? I hope you do keep this a regular spot - I think it's a great idea!