Wednesday 27 October 2010

Wishful Wednesdays #8

I am craving for interesting pendants the last few days, after having seen all of Lejonklou's absolutely wonderful creations. I also wanna make jewellery that nice!!!! So I've been roaming around on the internet on a quest for pendants.

I went to Fusion Beads to check out the Artist's beads's section. Instead I, just by lucky chance, came over this wonderful large hand in bone (40x37 mm). Not at all an artist's bead, but oh so wantable! I just dream of hanging it on some lovely leather string with some nice rustic trade-like beads knotted on. Perhaps even a multistrand necklace. Hmmm ...
Next stop was of course Etsy. Is there ever one day I don't hang out there for quite some time? I like the character of this stone, it's yellow colour with black "dirtyness". The drilled little heart makes it all sweet, doesn't it. AllyBeans.
Sorry guys, but this one is already purchased - by moi. Porcelein pendant with dragonfly by FinnCreations.


Pretty Things said...

Oh the hand is fantastic, and the pendant you bought is fabulous!

Malin de Koning said...

Indeed! I'm at FusionBeads right now adding some stuff along with the hand into my cart. Must hold back a little though, too much spent already this month. I will check out your blog later on Lori, saw something about enameled beads. All my best!