Tuesday 2 November 2010

Bracelet - Little Critter

Critter button by MissFickleMedia
Purple copper wire by MissFickleMedia
Drilled Stones from Lake Michigan by TideLine
Oxidized chain by Lejonklou
2 strands of recycled sari Silk
Red Agate/Carnelian
Carved honey quartz
Brown clay round
Yellow Opal rondelles
Prehnite irregular tabular bead
Military green glass beads from Indonesia


Unknown said...

What a gorgeous bracelet!

Angel Whisperer said...

aha........du har grejat lite :)
jättefint -verkligen!
och kan va kul att skriva svenska ibland *fniss*
hm...jag har inte börjat med det gröna ännu men har en skum ide ...
har öppen atelje i dag o en kompis på skall försöka få till nåt före kvällningen..KRAM

Spirited Earth said...

gorgeous color combos, all the different textures are wonderful.
also love that little it an armadillo?

Rebecca said...

This is so very 'you', Malin! I love it. You must keep Miss FM in business!! Loving your new picture at the top of this blog too :-)

Unknown said...

I love this bracelet! The lil critter seems so happy there!

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you for all your compliments!