Monday 8 November 2010

Swedish Inspiration - Sandra Backlund

The first time I heard of Sandra Backlund was on a Swedish radio programme called Stil (=Style). Sandra was being interviewed and I just fell for how she spoke about her creative process. She said that when she was studying fashion there was a lot of talk about scetching your ideas on paper and then make them come true in reality. She said she could never grasp that method. She wanted to investigate the forms AS she was working, searching for interesting forms, "what happens if I do this?", "or this?". She worked mainly with knitting at that time, and to me it sounded totally liberating that she wanted to create three dimensional forms with knitting. To me you knit a jumper, a scarf or a cardigan. This sounded very different.
After I had heard her in that interview I immediately went to check her stuff out on the interent. I was completely blown away. To say the least. I have never seen anything like it. And I am not alone. This was about a year or so ago. And she has had lots and lots of attention, not the least internationally.
She has continued to work a lot with knitting, but also with other materials. Always experimenting with shapes, and how they sit on the body. Her clothes are like sculptures. Now she has created her first collection which will be produced in a bigger number. Please keep your eyes on this lady, coz she IS something else!
I just get so completely inspired by her free thinking and method of working and the shapes she creates. Don't miss to read her own words here. And look at more pictures of her work at her site Sandra Backlund.


Pretty Things said...

Wow -- that's amazing and different!

murreyterry said...

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