Friday 25 February 2011

Awesome Blog Award

Pam of IndianCreekStudios, and also one of the members of BeadsOfClay, has given me the Awesome Blog Award! Thank you so much Pam. What a treat! And what a perfect way for me to spend this night writing this instead of putting my final hand on my Bead Soup Party necklace like I really should be doing ...

In return I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me, that you do not already know. I have really tried to come up with some previously unknown facts here. Things I don't think I have ever mentioned on my blog before. So maybe they are not the most obvious things I would mention in a first time conversation. Here we go:
  1. I am a big fan of the comic/cartoon albums of Asterix. Nowadays I read them loud to my children. And we laugh, oh we giggle and wiggle and ... Such clever and great sense of humour.
  2. I do not have a driver's license. "WHAT!?!" Yes it's true, I don't. Never needed one, until I was about 40. Started taking lessons, then I got my MS diagnosis and the whole thing was called off. Now I couldn't drive anyway, so ...
  3. I am good with and enjoy math's type subjects, and I like to read books about science just for the fun of it, like for instance Stephen Hawkings "A Brief History of Time". I've read quite a few of that kind in my life.
  4. My grandfather was an inventor.
  5. I sing really bad, although I love music, and can't help singing along. I wasn't even allowed in the church choir as a girl.
  6. The MS has caused "black holes" in my brain. You can see them on the MRI pictures. These areas no longer have any activity in them. Which you would clearly notice if you would spend some time with me. Like for instance my short term memory has become super bad. And also my short term memory has become super bad ...
  7. I have a 7 year older brother who's name is Magnus. He is great! And I love him!

Now it is my turn to pass this on to 15 blogs that I really like. I will try not to pick folks who have already won this award, (but perhaps some will anyway). Here they are in a totally random order:


Anonymous said...

Congrats Malin! You deserve it!
p.s. I like your "previously unknown facts" about you. You're cool! You ROCK! ♡

Indian Creek Studios said...

you are most welcome! also, I do not drive either, no good excuse, just a phobia

lunedreams said...

Thank you Malin! You made me laugh (" short term memory has become super bad. and also my short term...") Mine isn't so good either, but I don't have any black holes to point the finger at! There's some other kind of hole in there clearly, where the memory of most of every day falls out. Thank God I can just ask my boyfriend what happened. He remembers everything.

I am impressed you can follow along with Stephen Hawking! I would like to be good at math. I would love to be a scientist. Or rather, I would love to BE ABLE to be a scientist. (Alas, I don't see it in the cards).

I think people who don't drive are probably happier. The more I drive, the more I don't like people. Count yourself blessed! People are much more likable when they're not driving a car. Driving is overrated.

I love your work! You've clearly found a way to work around your MS, brilliantly. Go you!!

Heidi Post said...

Thank you Malin! I only regret that I can't give it back to you!

I love your blog - you keep it fun, and you're so talented. A great combo :D

TesoriTrovati said...

How sweet are you, Miss Malin! Thank you for this nice little treat. I hate anything having to do with math. Yuck. Words are my things. And if I didn't drive my children would never get where they needed to go. I wish sometimes that I lived in a large city with great public transportation, or in a warm climate to ride my bike everywhere!
Enjoy the day!

Sandra said...

I love you blog and youy sence of humor. Sort term memory that is so scarey. I can't remember when I got the butter out 2 seconds ago. Boo Hiss
Be Blessed

Angel Whisperer said...

YOUR blog is awesome and so are YOU !! love Your sense of humor and intelligence + creativity = a goood combo
I am very happy to have You in my life

steufel said...

Oh Malin, thank you and thanks for making me laugh and enjoy surfing around your blog. Funny that you mentioned Asterix Matthias is rereading my albums right now and shows me the funniest scenes all the time - like every minute or so:-). I have to admit maths is not one of my fav subjects although I had a lot to do during my economics exam. Anyway - girl you totally rock!

Cindy said...

Malin, thank you so much for the award! I sure enjoyed reading more things about sound like such an interesting person and would be so fun to get to know in person!