Tuesday 1 February 2011

Bead Table Tuesday + Face Down Tuesday

I told you in the comments of yesterday's post that I last night had started on a necklace with Claire Maunsell's (StillPointWorks) polymer clay beads. Here it is, still under construction. The wonderful chain in oxidized brass I got from Birgitta Lejonklou. There is also black matte glass rounds. It will end up a looong necklace without a clasp.

Face-Down Tuesday with me and my daughter Arabella. I have a temperature ... again :-( so what you see is me using the ear-thermometer. It wasn't all that easy using it face down to be honest. 38,4° Celsius on that particular meassurement.

Arabella wanted to join in with her cuddly toys Iananan (the teddy) and Lisa (the sheep).
The story behind Iananan's somewhat odd name is that when Conrad was born he and we got many cuddly toys, so to help us keep track of who had given which teddy we named each one after the giver. That really big teddy was given by Ian, Marks step brother in England, when Conrad was about one years old. But Conrad just couldn't manage to say his name properly ... So that's the name that stuck in the end.


Courtney Breul said...

I am sorry you are under the weather, but love, love these pictures!

Pretty Things said...

Oh man! Please get better!