Friday 6 May 2011

In the middle of ...

Now it's done!

... changing my lists of blogs I follow.

Some people have made me aware of that my blog loads more slowly since I changed it to have all the blogs I follow in one list in my side bar. That is of course not good. And now I am changing that.

I am trying to divide up the list, so I have one in my sidebar of the ones I am particularly fond of, and then a separate page with the complete list of all blogs I follow.

As I am still in the middle of this work you might find that your particular blog is not on my list anymore. No! I have not taken you away. It is just a little bit of a messy process, since I didn't think before I started to do the changes. Now I have to manually add some of the ones I took away first. Argh! Please hold on one or two more days.

I hope the final result is going to be a good one. And I am quite strict with the list of my absolute favourites. That list will also change here and there over time. I will try to keep a steady number of blogs there, so if I add one I'll take one away. But always all of them will be found on this seperate page.

Sorry for any inconvinience!


TesoriTrovati said...

You honor me. And I am proud to have you in my favorites, too, my friend.

Enjoy the day!

Heidi Post said...

Oh my goodness. I feel so lucky to be included with the kool kidz! YAY! As you well know, I ♥ your blog big time too :)