Wednesday 27 July 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - 27th of August

Hey, I did pearl knotting on silk cord today! For the first time. I followed this great tutorial from BeadAholique. Used the tweezers I ordered last week, which apparently are necessary. And I followed the advice from Erin Siegel to choose a silk cord size the largest possible to go through the holes of the beads. Thank you again Erin! And I went for my son Conrad's suggestion for the color on the silk to go with the purple pearls. Soooooo yummie, don't you agree.
Ok, so it didn't turn out perfect. But I am pleased anyway. And I know what I will make out of the string I knotted. But I'm not gonna tell you, coz I might submit it to a magazine. :-)

Oh, and I just have to share this photo also, of all of the lads of the family sitting in a line opposite me at breakfast this morning. Gotta adore them, don't you.
Conrad and Mark are looking at our female cat Alice climbing the wooden structure by our veranda. Charlie is more concerned with what's on the table.

All my best! And see you soon!


Heidi Post said...

Love the colors of the pearls & silk cord together. And your breakfast looks delicious :)

Barbara Lewis said...

What a great family scene! I really love hand-knotting. I find it sooo relaxing. And, don't the beads just drape incredibly with those little knots between each bead? It's amazing!

KristiBowmanDesign said...

Purple and green have always been one of my favorite combinations!! I've never done any knotting but I love it. Love that you shared a family picture!!

adlinah said...

The purple against the green is a lovely combination. Great family pic too - and Charlie is one handsome cat :-)

Prządka said...

Charlie is the best: it is evident that the melon does not give him peace:)
Greetings from Poland!

Erin Siegel said...

Oh, wonderful! Looks like you are doing a fantastic job with the knotting. It makes me so happy to know I helped a bit. Your knotted strand looks beautiful. I love it when the cord color is different from the beads and it's a design element, like you've done here.

Beadaholique said...

Beautiful pearl knotting, Malin! I'm so glad you liked the tutorial :)