Friday 8 July 2011

Being featured is such an honor!

Thank you so much Erin and Lorelei for wanting to feature me on your blog A Jewelry Accord. I am truly honoured. And I am also excited like a little child. I wanna shout out to everyone: "See, see! They want to tell about me. ME!"

(Please go to their blog to read the article, this picture below is just a way for me to show off a bit :-))
Erin Siegel and Lorelei Eurto are the runners of the blog A Jewelry Accord. And if you didn't already know, they are quite well known in the jewelry world. Often seen in magazines and other public arenas. I personally get a lot of inspiration from both of them. They are currently working on a book which I believe will share name with the blog. The blog is a way to make it possible for people who are interested to stay updated on the work of the book, and also a way of promoting it of course. Erin and Lorelei are passionate about using fibers, cords and all sorts of textile elements in jewelry. And that's why they are writing the book. To explore the possibilities of these materials, to learn more, and to share their knowledge, new or old, with others who are equally excited (like my self for example). I believe this book will be a great source for inspiration and information.

The blog has recently expanded a bit, and they just started a series of designer portraits, where they will feature jewelry designers they find make interesting use of cord, leather and so on in their creations. So I am number two in this series. Last week you could read about Keirsten Giles, another favorite of mine.

Below is the collage they put together of some of my work.
So did I tell you that I am very honored?! And excited?! Well, I am. Thank you!

I wish you a all great weekend. And a great holiday if yours also start now, like it does for me and my family. I think I will keep making a lot of macrame for the nearest period. Simply because I am currently a bit hooked, and also I can sit basically anywhere doing it, I don't have to be inside in my studio on all these lovely summers days.

See ya!


lynsey said...

Well done Malin x

My Life Under the Bus said...

Yeah Malin!!! Congrats! : )

steufel said...

i saw and read it! Congrats, Malin! It was a fun read and a feast for the eyes.

Noemi said...

Oh Malin, that is fantastic!!
Your pieces are great so no wonder you have been featured.
Well done.
And by the way, the pictures are so beautifully taken!

Kate said...

Congratulations! I read it in my reader this morning!

TesoriTrovati said...

Very nice interview! It is always nice to connect with awesome designers and you, my friend, truly deserve this honor! Congratulations!
Enjoy the day!

Doreen said...

Hooray, Malin! That was a nice write-up about you!

Jo said...

That is a lovely write-up! Love the collage too.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous Malin! and well deserved! Your designs deserve each and every recognition!

Pretty Things said...

It's because you ROCK Malin, you're awesome! Glad you were featured and given big kudos!!!

Linda Landig said...

No wonder you were featured, Malin, your jewelry is so wonderful! Congrats! I enjoyed the article a lot.

Angel Whisperer said...

Grattis sötnos!!!
är inte inne på bloggarna så mycket för tillfället( lite överväldigande med hus o trädgård med min kapacitet just nu)mest FB lite kollar bara ... men fick syn på detta och läste på deras blog också :)
Finfina bilder och jättekul att du fick visa dina grejor. Det är du verkligen värd .Du är fantastisk på så många sätt !!!*****

Unknown said...

Malin that necklace was so different and very lovely!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful write-up they did! You have made a lot of 'hairy' jewellery (not the best word but you know what I mean!) and I love it - so fun and full of texture. ANd your daughter looks like a little fairy!

Kreativkrapylet said...

Gratulerer! Så gøy! Men så har du gjort deg fortjent til det og da :)