Wednesday 16 November 2011

Art Bead Scene November Challenge

ABS Monthly Challenge for November. Madonna Pietra degli Scrovigni, by Marie Spartali Stillman. A painting in the style of the British Pre-Raphaelite movement, which in turn was inspired by the Rennaissance and also the Post-Rennaissance movement called Mannierism. The Pre-Raphaelites were around in the second half of the 19th century. Spartali Stillman was considered the greatest female artist of that movement (I just read up on that).
Apart from feeling very Pre-Raphaelite I definately get a Rennaissance feeling from this painting. Mona-Lisa clearly comes to mind. And Botticelli's The Birth of Venus. But if I take away all my art history connotations and just look at the picture I think of words like noble, elevated, serene, class, stillness, gossamer (the white flowers) contrasting with density (the fabric in her dress, and an overall somewhat mystical air, you don't really get close to that woman do you. Then I look at the colors also. Hm, very interesting, not my common scheme. Olive green, ochre, rusty brown, wine red, lime green, white sprinkles, and the more blue-ish colors in the background landscape.
So ... how about my own creation then? Well, it contains all the elements I mentioned above, in the parts. But as a whole composition it is far more robust, and maybe even rustic, than the feeling you get from the paiting. And that's something I like about it. A feel of today, but inspired by and connected to something in the past. I am very happy with this piece. :-)

About the beads I used
Art Beads:
  • I just very recently got the golden swirly shell-ly beads from MissFickleMedia. I had thought to use them in a pair of earrings ...
  • The dark metallic green facetted nuggets are made by Floridity, from her Erudite collection.
They marry so well those two! Don't you agree.

Other beads and components are:
  • Waxed linen
  • Magnetic ball clasp
  • Hydro Grossular Grenade rounds
  • Rainbow Moonstone facetted Heishi
  • Carneol roundels
  • Twisted Hex Miyuki white on gilt beads
The bracelet is sitting just a little little too tight on my own wrist. I can wear it, but ... I would like another half a centimeter. I might get around re-stringing it. Unless I make sure to sell it soon to someone more thin-wristed. I think it is a perfect piece to wear for the season coming up.
All my best,


Barbara Bechtel said...

Ooooh, Those dark carved nuggets were a perfect match to that painting. I always loved the per-rephaelites...and it's neat to see my work paired up with Shannon's...I don't think I've seen anyone put us together as of yet.

Alice said...

I love your bracelet! As with the painting, everywhere you look there is an interesting bead or component that really draws you in and makes you want to study it for a bit.

Therese's Treasures said...

Very pretty bracelet Malin. I think your bracelet represents the earthy aspects of the painting.

Heidi Post said...

It really is a great color scheme. I love the Miss Fickle Media beads and the cord. Great piece. But I hate when a bracelet is just a hair too small :( Hopefully you'll sell it before you have time to get too upset about it.

steufel said...

Oh Malin, that is to die for:-)

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you ladies!
Heidi, I think I'll restring it.

Sharyl said...

You obviously put a lot of thought into your piece. I really like all the various, unique beads you've included!

MiddleEarthsJewels said...

Malin ..thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the painting. And the bracelet is a wonderful lesson in the power and beauty of simplicity..and yet reflects all the painting has to give us.

Aranyauxsi said...

Malin ..thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the painting. And the bracelet is a wonderful lesson in the power and beauty of simplicity..and yet reflects all the painting has to give us.