Friday 14 December 2012

Love, passion and thrill (and a necklace and a bracelet)

It feels to me like I haven't been all that productive with my jewelry making over the last couple of months. That is not all true, I know, because I HAVE made pieces here and there, but I haven't been at all as productive as I would have been if I hadn't had a few distractions going on around me in my life. I have missed my jewelry making. Big time actually. I have still had my hands occupied with making beaded beads, tons of them actually ... but more about that in another post coming up soon(-ish).

I have missed my beads, I have missed to just be looking at them, fondling them, combining them and so on. Communicating with them, and via them. You know what I mean, don't you. I realize what an extraordinary strong love affair I have with my beads. Serious serious love. And an addiction. Now again I feel so content, so stimulated and so lustful. Passionate. And still lusting for more.

Over the last few days I have been finding myself spending more and more time in my beading studio again. I mean not just popping in there every now and then, but sessions going on for many hours. I made a smaller clean up of my messy work area, and I sorted a lot of the beads just laying around in different piles previously created as a result of how my ideas processes work.

I have so many wonderful wonderful beads in my stash. And I guess it in a way sometimes might be good to not hang with them for a while, because when you meet up again, you sort of re-discover them with a clean mind. That is how I feel now at least.

Look at those large shell beads in the necklace below! They are about 22 mm across, but not heavy at all. I bought them about 6 months ago. From HappyMangoBeads. I thought they were a bit on the expensive side for me to be honest, I mean for what you get. And I hesitated for more than a week before I finally made up my mind. Oh, how glad I am that they ended up with me. They are simply absolutely gorgeous, worth every penny. My idea at the time was that they would end up in a chunky and summery bracelet. But look at that necklace I made the other day instead. It was one of those you know, that sort of designs itself and your hands seem to be simply just a tool for some higher power. May I say myself that I adore it? It looks absolutely fantastic on (sorry I don't have a good picture of that yet.) And it is also packed with a bunch of art beads and components from some of my favorite bead artisans. I think it has a strong wintery holiday feel to it. What do you think?

It will be for sale in my Etsy shop in a not too far future. (Or you are very welcome to contact me already now if you are interested in buying it.)

And a humble(-ish) bracelet with facetted oval glass beads with some sort of coating that make them sparkle a bit more and look a little milky too, and a copper leaf link by Joanne Tinley of DaisyChains. It also has a winter holiday feel to it, don't you think. This one will also turn up in my Etsy shop very soon.

  • Oxidized copper leaf link from DaisyChainExtra
  • Facetted oval glass bead crystal clear with a coating
  • Round pearl coated white bead
  • Green enameled bead caps
  • Red round small glass bead
  • Copper hook
  • Pale cellery green waxed linen cord

All my best,Malin de Koning


Rebecca said...

You have missed your beads - I have missed you and your blog! Facebook is ok but I love stopping in and reading blogs, there is something more personal and somehow satisfying about a blog post, to my mind. I am glad you feel excited and revitalised - and oh yes, I know exactly what you mean about feeling passionate, addicted, longing for more and adoring what I have in my bead stash.....I think perhaps in the new year (or sooner!) you should do another vlog about your art beads. What do you say Malin?

Heidi Post said...

^everything Rebecca just said.

Also: that necklace is WONDERFUL and we need to see a photo of you modeling it asap! It's always such a great validating feeling when the beads you splurged on become something beautiful. This is way more awesome than a chunky summery bracelet. Funny how your bracelet coordinates with the necklace. I guess you've just got that color palette on the brain :)

lynsey said...

Beautiful creations Malin

Maria said...

Vilket vackert halsband!!
Så fina kombinationer som tillsammans blir en helhet!

Maria said...

Vilket vackert halsband!!
Så fina kombinationer som tillsammans blir en helhet!

Cece Cormier said...

Hi Malin, great designs.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous necklace. I know what youre saying about missing your beads - I felt the same over our long summer break. And now its back to business and I'm enjoying it. Best wishes to you for 2013.