Sunday 4 August 2013

Beaded Beads

I really like to make beaded beads. I like to come up with color combos, and different ways of arranging the seed beads within the bead. Over time I have produced quite a few beads. The picture below shows far from all of them ...

(open the picture in a new window to see it slightly larger)

On the other hand I am really bad at getting around to take photos of my beads, and to list them on Etsy. I believe that today I managed to come up with a way to smoothify this process a little, so that it isn't so boring for me, or time consuming. I have nothing to show you yet today, but I just thought you might like to see this group picture anyway. As a bit of bead porn maybe.

So please stay tuned, and I will have something more to show you in the coming weeks (I hope). 

(Please always take my time estimations with a grain of salt. Due to illness it is not unusual that things take a lot longer for me than I wish they would. And I also often loose track of what I am doing ... and therefore things are sometimes delayed, or even forgotten in the worst case. Please feel free to remind me whenever you think it is necessary. I don't mind at all. On the contrary I really appreciate it :-).)

And yes, I HAVE started to make pairs also. At last :-). As so many people have asked for them. None to be seen in this particular photo however. Like I said, please stay tuned.

All my best,


Sally Anderson said...

These a wonderful beads, Malin. You've been busy. I love the different shapes and ALL the color.

Claire Lockwood said...

Oooo - What a beautiful big cache of yumminess. I can spot some tempting goodies in there!

Lola said...

Your beads are little sprinkles of happiness!!! I love your work!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pieces of the joy and happiness you feel despite of illness. Thaks for sharing it with us. Anna