Wednesday 7 August 2013

New in shop - groups of beaded beads

I have so many beaded beads just piling up and not yet listed in my shop. So now I have decided to start selling them in larger groups instead of one and one. One reason is that it will simplify the process for me, so that I actually get around to list my beads (as you might remember I have mentioned that I have had a slight problem with this part of my business in the past).

Another very important reason is that I hope and believe that this will be more attractive for buyers in more than one way. The group price will be reduced compared to what I would charge for them singularly. So you will be able to make some very good deals :-)!

I sincerely hope and wish that this will turn out a good plan for all parts.

I will start off by listing the 6 groups below. You will find them in my Etsy shop tomorrow Thursday at 18.00 Swedish time, which equals 12.00 EST.

Ivory with bright colors.

Maroon and muted purples.

Pink, ivory and oranges.

Cornflower blue and golds.


Browns, golds and beiges.

Please welcome tomorrow to my Etsy shop!

All my best,

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