Friday 22 November 2013

Necklaces for different seasons

Necklace - Autumn Leaf Blue
  • Leaf pendant - HumbleBeads
  • Light blue recycled glass disc bead
  • Teracotta matte 6/0 seed beads
  • Brown facetted ceramic bead - Diane Hawkey
  • Rustic Bloom ceramic bead - SlateStudioSupply
  • Rustic Spike ceramic bead - SlateStudioSupply
  • Oxidated copper swirly hook clasp - CuriousBeadShop 
  • Copper chain, multiple and fringy circles 
  • Bayong wooden side drilled beads
  • Butternut rustic lampwork bead
  • Rustic Spike ceramic bead - SlateStudioSupply
  • Teracotta polymer clay disk bead - HumbleBeads
  • Waxed linen cord

Necklace - Green and Pietersite
  • Green raku fired irregular ceramic pendant - Jubilee
  • Pietersite rectangular beads
  • Green Howlite rectangular beads
  • Green ceramic round - Gaea
  • Large circular links copper chain
  • Oxidized copper rectangular hook clasp - CuriousBeadShop
  • Waxed linen cord

Necklace - Sweet Candy
  • Seed beads
  • Faux sea glass
  • Indonesian glass
  • Glass, bone and resin beads
  • Wooden button - Meluna
  • Waxed linen cord

All my jewelry pieces are available for purchasing, even though I might not yet have listed them in my Etsy Shop. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them. Contact me at: malindekoning[at]

All my best,

1 comment:

Eeka said...

Marlin, your jewelry IS so like the music you have in your sidebar as inspirational! Distinct, spaced out notes/beads, each interesting in itself, harmonious and playful together. Love the Terra cotta/blue necklace. My eyes played with it as the music clip played. Thank you!