Wednesday 5 May 2010

C-Urchin (SeaUrchin) is Lisa Stevens

I am in love with Lisa's work! How can you not be? She makes these absolutely gorgeaus porcelein and ceramic things inspired by sealife. Very often they are parts to be used in jewellery, but sometimes also wall decorations or urns. She mixes unglazed white porcelein with glass-glazed (don't know if that is what it is called) areas which creates a very appetizing effect of different structures working together. The white unglazed porcelein feels very sea-like. Also she has this amazing talent to form the porcelein or ceramic in beautiful ways, and that itself creates just beautiful structures and surfaces.
I find it rather difficult to pick just a few images to illustrate all of Lisa's work, since she is very productive. So I recommend you also go and check out her shop on Etsy and her page on flickr.
I am lucky to have become friends with Lisa via flickr. And I recently bought my first piece from her. This one below!
Lisa lives in England very near my parents-in-law in Somerset. So I of course hope to be able to go and visit her studio next time I am in the area. Here you can see her drinking a good old cup of tea. And if you didn't know it already - 'A cup of tea solves everything' - if you are Brittish. And this is absolutely true! I have proof of this almost every day being married to an Englishman myself. (There is even a facebook group you can join.)
I also have to mention that Lisa used to work for Aardman Animations! How cool is that! I am a big fan of them. They are based in Bristol, Somerset, England. She was involved in films like for instance Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run and Creature Comforts.
Last image shows a large flat "bowl" inspired by a mushroom. Soooooooo nice!

Check out her sites now:
Lisa Stevens, C-Urchin, SeaUrchin


Pretty Things said...

Wow! LOVE her work!

Heather Powers said...

I love her work too and have a few treasured pendants from her shop!

Rebecca said...

Love her work! I have a few pendants from her which I bought over the summer - they are stunning!!

Niki Ogi said...

Wow! LOVE her work!