Wednesday 3 November 2010

The Lejonklou and de Koning Challenge - part 2

I made a long necklace with the three squares creating a pendant with the Swarovskis dangling at the bottom of it. I was so happy to finally use the Crysocholla wavy beads, have had them for quite a while and I really really like them. And I think it turned out well to use them like this, as a central focal.
For the attachements on the sparkly green square I used loops with Delicas 11.The necklace is partially symmetrical and partial assymetrical. The two kinds of teardrop shaped beads, the pale green jade and the mother-of-pearl, are mirrored on one side each. Aswell as the circular golden toggle and the two cloisonne beads.
I took my photos after sunset today so I had to use electrical light, and I didn't really manage to get a good enough photo of the overall piece. But I hope you get the idea from the pictures I show here now. It is starting to get dark around 4.30. And on an overcast day, well you understand ...

Next wednesday you will see what I have come up with for the 3rd part of The Lejonklou & de Koning Challenge. I have yet not started to think about that one, unusual colours for me, but it will be great fun anyway. And I just love the chains Birgitta included (already used a bit of one of them).

Until then, all my best

P.S. Don't miss the little remain of my bright green nailvarnish, you can see on my thumb in the middle picture. Perfect colour to match this necklace actually.

To check out Birgitta Lejonklou's piece using the same beads go here.


Angel Whisperer said...

That looks really gorgeous!!
You also used some more beads than I did +++
would like to see that one worn with some nice dress!
...did see the nail polish :)

I may do a bracelet with those leftovers...even have a part of the fantastic silk left
where did you find that one??

hugs to You and the show goes on :-}

Malin de Koning said...
It is called Dupioni silk and I looooove it