Tuesday 26 July 2011

A rush of blood for an enameled bezel

The C-Koop bezel from Lorelei Eurto's Shadow Box Challenge arrived yesterday. I was so lucky to be one of the winners to get one of them.

Mine has such a wonderful color. I bet all of them do. A photo really can't do it justice. I am really excited, and have "one million" ideas. I don't know yet if any of them will be possible to make come true though ... I can only hope so far ... and which one of the ideas shall I choose to be the one I will go for ...

This project is really really inspiring me. Both as it is a bezel, which I have never used one before, and that it is enameled - gotta love enamel, and wow - that color - such a deep deep red - it's like blood - without being macabre - it's absolutely magnificent! Absolutely M A G N I F I C E N T ! ! !

And the prospect of that there will be at least 25 other's who also will have had fun with their bezels, and that I will be able to look, compare and get aha's and so on on the blog hop day is something I really am looking forward to.

I fell asleep last night with one idea in my head, and honestly I woke up with a new one right there. My mind must have been totally obsessed during the night. And I can easily see many varieties on those ideas. The problem of how to actually manufacture what I am seeing then creates new ideas. Wow wow wow!

I love to feel like this! Thank you so so much Sara and Lorelei!!!!

The reveal/Hop date will be August 27th.


steufel said...

Ohhh, I canot wait for that bezel to arrive here:-)

Barbara Lewis said...

Can't see what you create! I'm sure it's going to be wonderfulll!

TesoriTrovati said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do. Sounds like a fun challenge. Enjoy the day!

Eleanor Snare said...

So glad you got one of the bezels Malin, I know you are going to make some really cool with it. I would've loved to have won one but when I saw there were 96 comments I didn't feel too bad!