Wednesday 28 December 2011

Peyote doings

I don't often show this kind of work here. But now it's time. :-)

A wide cuff bracelet made in two drop peyote and 10/0 delicas. In order to avoid the clasp to possibly scratch against the skin on your wrist, I sewed the clasp on the outside and covered the attachment rings with pearls. That created a nice effect I think.

Two finger rings in peyote and 11/0 seed beads. I like to do these little quick pieces every now and then. They are meant to work as company rings for other pieces I am wearing. Sort of to enhance or dampen a color scale wished. I can turn them and they may pick up a color I for instance have in my earrings or somewhere else.

When the excellent Swedish shop Zionesse closed down earlier this year I purchased a big mixed soup with a variety of seed beads of different kinds. Within it were these large triangular beads of different colors. I created two color groups and made this bracelet in peyote recently. I like the effect of it being so rustic still, even though made with seed beads and peyote, which I don't associate with rustic-ness normally.

Hope you enjoyed!

All my best,


Mary Harding said...

Lovely Malin!! Great clasp solution. Looks so cool!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Love that last one, Miss Malin. The luminosity of those beads is terrific! That is a lot of work to wrangle those beads into submission. You have done it my friend!
Enjoy the day!

Rebecca said...

Love these, especially the top bracelet - completely awesome clasp with those beautiful pearls! And can I say (I keep thinking it at the moment) how much I absolutely love your photos? They have always been great but I'm really noticing them at the moment. Beautiful light, clean lovely backgrounds. Jewellery always looks awesome!

sasha + max studio said...

Beautiful and detailed work, Malin, and wonderful photos as well,
Vicki :)

Sally Anderson said...

I can't imagine why you don't usually show these things here. They're lovely and so fun, too. Keep on showing them, please!
Happy New Year, Malin!

Heidi Post said...

I can't deal with seed beads, and I don't ever want to - but I do thoroughly enjoy seeing what other people do. These are all such fun. I don't know why you wouldn't want to show them here. The triangular seed beads are extra cute :)

Unknown said...

Just love the bracelet at the bottom - a bit high brow I know but without a second thought a picture of an oil painting popped into my head - Turner's 'The Figthing Temeraire'.

Unknown said...
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