Monday 26 December 2011

A ring, and I need your help

Hi, I hope your Christmas has been wonderful and jolly. Mine has been very nice, spent with my family and closest relatives, rather calm, but unfortunately without any snow. :-(

It is not unusual I make jewelry pieces, but for some reason I don't get around taking their picture and show them here. So now I have a fair little bunch of things I thought I would portion out to you over the coming days.

Here's a ring I made a few weeks ago. It has one of Michelle Johnston of ChelleV2's wonderful stoneware flower beads/bead caps in it. (I used a white one in the bangle bracelet I showed you a few days ago.) I also used waxed linen thread and a ring base which I demolished to fit my requirements. (And I ordered a new group from her again, the other day.)
Now, I need you help. I am asking for it. Check out this gorgeous gorgeous ceramic button/bead/disc by Lisa Peters. I made a macrame bracelet with black leather string and glass and wooden beads. I love the combo and the style in this bracelet. Everything comes together as if it was meant from the dawn of time. The button is supposed to work as a closure. Just the way I have seen so many others do. Many times. But when I get to the last bit, the one where I shall make the loop/hook/ring or whatever it should be, I don't know how to make it so that it looks good. If I make a loop it becomes big and so visible once the bracelet sits on. I do not like the look of it at all. Also the bracelet sort of sits too loosely on the wrist. I could attach a hook at the end to hook on under the button, but I feel it is not an elegant or congenial enough solution.
Help me, how do I get the loop perfectly big to allow the button to go through it, but small so to not create a big flappy loose unattractive hole area right next to the button when the bracelet is being worn? How shall I close the loop? Shall I use a loop at all? Shall I restring the whole thing so that the button is not at all used as the closure?
I just love how this bracelet will turn out. I can't give up on it. Please, offer me the magic solution.

Please check back again very soon, as I plan to post more finished pieces from my work desk. All my best,


Heidi Post said...

I can't help you with your bracelet woes, but I wanted to let you know that the ring is fantastic!!!

Angel Whisperer said...

Hi Malin and I wish You a happy new 2012...and I do love Your jewlery !!
Both those pieces are beautiful!

...about the bracelet as the button is so big 2 ways making it look good as I was thinking of ...
1. make a smaller hook of metal in the end to close the bracelet under the button (that will not show at all)
2. if You make a big loop to go over the button maybe You can have some pretty beads in the loop to make it pretty ??..
Im sure You will find a way!


Jane Lock said...

I think any loop large enough for the button will make the bracelet too big. Dare I suggest you start again with the button as the centrepiece but not the fastening? Then you could finish the bracelet off in the usual way, with a sliding knot and two pretty beads on either end.
But you knew that ;) ...

Emam said...

Just love where your jewelry is taking you x

My suggestion :0) What about adding a lovely clasp at the end of the string. Add more beads, braid the last bit, add the clasp, which just wraps around the shank and connects back to the braid... maybe adding a little jump ring to the braid or leaving a hole in the braid... goodness, hope this all makes sense.

Good luck with whatever you come up with... will be beautiful however you chose to finish.

Spirited Earth said...

i think jane might be right..start again with the flower as a centered focal,not part of the clasp

Rebecca said...

Hi Malin - Merry Christmas! I am glad you've had a lovely time. How about using a hook, that would hook around the shank of the button, where it is attached to the rest of the bracelet? I have done that with button closures before and it works well. It is so pretty! And that ring.....stunning. I just love the way you are using cord at the moment, so unusual and distinctive.

TesoriTrovati said...

Is there a loop shank on the back? I have used these with a hook clasp that is under the flower. Or put the flower just off center of the clasp, integrating it in the bracelet. I love the look of this, like a modern-day wrist corsage. I am totally crushing on that ring. So dang clever, Miss Malin! You always amaze me with your innovative designs!
Enjoy the day. Merry Christmas (no snow here either!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Malin--I've followed you since you were first mentioned in Lorelei Eurto's blog. She's terrific and so are you! I'm anonymous cause I have no blog or shop--too afraid to show my jewelry! Lorelei back a few months ago had the same problem and said she'd have to wait for Erin Siegel and Lorelei' book to come out to get the answer. Have you tried just braiding the rest of the strands and when the loop is a good fit tying it off at that point? I love the bracelet and that great ring. Thanks for your unique approach to jewelry and life!
Linda Snider (
New York

Cece said...

Hi Malin,
Like the design. My thoughts; it's difficult to make a loop closure as the button is big, and difficult to do a macrame button loop closure because you only have three cords to work on the end. Me, I'd rework starting with the button in the middle and make a slide closure for it.

Lorelei Eurto said...

my suggestion would be (and i realize this might be too late! :) )...
what if you started fresh, fold the lengths of linen in half, and tie an overhand knot with all the pieces 1-1/2" down from the folded end ( or enough to allow the button to fit through the loop), so that the ends of the cording would instead go through the button. Does that make sense? Then you could string the ends up through the button holes and tie an overhand knot, trimming the ends down to 1/4".