Tuesday 12 June 2012


Loooooong necklace (over 1 meter) packed with art beads and other goodies. It is telling the story about my house with its immediate surroundings. Our garden, the tiny little wood next to it, and then the field with horses beyond it. It is MY necklace about a place on earth that I really love and that means so much to me. And with loads of gorgeous beads that I love so much. I want to be able to carry it with me when I am away somewhere. 

Cord is a thin nylon cord (Superlon). See photo below for the bead artists. The macramé gives a wonderful casual feel, and softness. Sort of an intimate feel kind of, like friendship bracelets. I have worked on it a little here and there, for about two months, when I haven't had anything else going on. BTW, I do free hand macramé á la this Ornamentea tutorial. No tools or attachements needed. Perfect for in-front-of-the-TV crafting.

Art beads by: ChelleV2, Elaine Ray, Floridity, Gaea, Humblebeads, Jubilee, Mary Harding, Sue Beads, Susan K Nestor and TreeWingStudio.

And now ... 
... here's one of the reveals I promised you the other day: the necklace is one of the projects in the gallery section of Joanne Tinley's, of Daisy Chain Designs, new E-Book about using macramé in jewelry. 

Seriously, this book is absolutely fantastic! And I am not saying that just because I am in it ;-). So packed with information, ideas and inspiration. I know I will come back to it many many times, and use what Joanne teaches in the projects. Many ways are new to me, so I am all excited and eager to try them out. I can truly recommend it to everyone!

The book is available through Joanne's website, or her DaisyChainExtra Etsy shop.

All my best,


sasha + max studio said...

I love the necklace, Malin - so wonderful that each part tells a story of you and your family. Congratulations on being included in the book !! :)

Barbara said...

Oh my! I'm in love with this! I've been on quite the macrame kick lately myself. I also find it so soothing to sit and knot because of it's repetitive motion. I often mourn the fact that I have such a difficult time with actual crochet and knitting because I think I could get into it. (or maybe not since it is not nearly instantly gratifying as tying cords. :)

I'm intrigued by the closure, both in this piece and the bracelets you posted yesterday. It looks like the same half hitch you used in the rest of the necklace. I'd not thought of that! It's brilliant!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

First of all...I love that necklace! You have managed to put together such a large amount of different beads...yet the piece looks "complete"...or meant to be (not sure I am making sense, here)! I bought Joanne's e-book yesterday andI cannot wait to get started! You inspire me!

Heidi Post said...

How fantastic! Your home in a necklace! What a wonderful memento for when you're traveling, or an old lady someday, or for your daughter in the future. Brilliant!

Bobbie said...

What a wonderful talisman you've created for yourself! A perfect source of comfort when you're away, and a great story to share.

lynsey said...

Wow, gorgeous Necklace Malin

Jenni said...

I have always loved the idea of personalized 'talismanic' necklaces that are so precious not only for sentimentality but also because they tell a story. This to me must be how or why people started to wear necklaces etc. I love how yours tells a little story about you, Malin. I will definately have. Look at Jo's book, too. Congrats to you.

Jo said...

Your necklace is so gorgeous, and I love the idea behind it! Thank you so much for letting me share it in my ebook.
Jo x

CraftyHope said...

YOUR necklace is gorgeous. There's just so much to love about it; the earthy feel, the extreme length, the inclusion of so many art beads, the number of outfits it will go with. . .I could go on. It's really a wonderful necklace.
And, congratulations on your inclusion in this great e-book. It sounds awesome!

Karen Totten said...

I LOVE the long necklace of many beads. It reminds me of the Hopi tradition of gathering many different beads from among all the women in the community to bless and gather together into a long necklace for an expectant mother's new baby.