Tuesday 19 March 2013

2 pieces for Art Bead Scene March Challenge

Art Bead Scene's Monthly Challenge for March is this painting by Marc Franz, called Deer in Forest.

I have made two pieces inspired by this painting. First off is a bracelet.

  • Deer/fox by TreeWingStudio
  • Saffron colored patinated chain by MissFickleMedia
  • Dark blue colored patinated chain by MissFickleMedia
  • Purple colored patinated toggle bar by MissFickleMedia
  • Forest green metallic matte Magatama beads
  • Rusty red metallic matte facetted czech glass beads

Isn't it a little bit funny that I all along have seen that creature as a deer. It was only when I was looking at the close-up photo belo, in my computer earlier today that I realized that it actually has a thick tail and that it instead of course is a FOX. It doesn't matter in the end. It is so sweet laying there all curled up. And foxes also lives in the woods.

And as I was going I suddenly found myself having made these earrings too. Sort of picking up, shape wise, on the swirly white lines in the painting, in which I kind of see the sound of the wind blowing through the tree leaves, and a just in general a magical and mystical atmosphere of the woods.

  • The verdigris green patinated swirls by MissFickleMedia (there's three on either ear ring)
  • Earwires and large jump rings from Vintaj
  • Rusty red/brown seed beads
  • Oxidized brass wire

Check out some more contributions in the ABS flickr group. There will be more of them coming until the end of the month.

All my best,


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Beautiful as always, Malin... I was looking at Rebekah adorable fawn charm just this morning. Wonderful interpretation!

Courtney Breul said...

Love, love those earrings. Beautiful.

Unknown said...

Really beautiful designs:)

aneri_masi said...

You're a genius!!! Love these designs, both of them!

steufel said...

You nailed it! Looooooooooooooove them!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous earrings - I especially like the wrapped seed beads around the earwire!