Tuesday 6 April 2010

Beads & Design classics from my childhood

The other day I ordered these beads from Blue Marble Beads on Etsy. I instantly fell in love with them when I saw them, and I could easily see different ways they could appear in my jewellery. But they did remind me of something I had seen before ...
This is a coffee cup we had in our household when I grew up. It is called Spisa Ribb and is designed by Stig Lindberg. It is consider a design classic in Sweden. I have always loved the design, and a long time before I knew it was considered special. My mum still have them in her house.

This made me think of some other Swedish design classics I grew up with. And suddenly I was very proud of my mum and dad who picked all these nice things over the years. Some of them are actually in my own house nowadays, and some of them still at my mum's.
Pernilla Chair by Bruno Mattson
Kobra Telephone produced by Ericsson (can't remember the name of the designer at the moment). We had a red one.
Salt, pepper and sugar produced by Gense. From one sheet of stainless steel folded to a cone. This design is magnificent! The salt and pepper are in my house today. I love them.

Glass table on birch-construction by Alvar Aalto.

Chair Lamino by Yngve Ekstrom with sheep wool. It is standing in our lounge now.

The glass table by Alvar Aalto I actually managed to sit down on right in front of my parents when I was about 12, and of course it crashed, and I sat there with glass bits all around me being more ashamed then ever.

I bought some more beads the other day. From Humble Beads these beauties - I am soooooo exsited for them to arrive
You can tell she really likes and is influenced by Vincent van Gogh in these ones above. And she only made 3 sets of them. I am soooo happy and lucky I managed to get my hands on one of the sets.


Barbara Lewis said...

There's so much in our subconscious that when it comes out we're amazed. It's not even a serendipity because that sounds too coincidental. It's just that we can't tap all of the "mind" power we have. We definitely have an affinity to certain things, but rarely examine what they are or why they are. I enjoyed this post a lot.

Malin de Koning said...

Barbara, you have managed to put it sooo well in words. Subconcious memories that effect the things we do today. They effect us and affect us these memories. For good, but unfortunately also for bad every now and then ( ... I mean more emotional things you know that you are triggered by but don't understand why ...).

Well, that aside now - It would be so interesting if anyone has done any research about how designers of different kinds are effected by the forms that surrounded them as children. And the general environment for that matter.

I think I will have to see if I can find anything about that. Do you know of any such thing or design theory?

steufel said...

Those beads are great and I'm eager to see what you will do with them. regards Stefanie