Wednesday 14 April 2010

Ginnys beautiful beads

Look at these beautiful beads! They are made by Ginny Henley. I just looove them and wish I could make something vaguely similar for the ABS April Challenge inspired by this painting by Paul Klee. Ginny has been very generous and told me the whole process of how to make them. But I am soooo far from that level of skill that she has when it comes to polymer clay bead making. And I don't even have a pasta machine yet. (Ginny told me to go and get one straight away.)
So today I was playing around with transparent polymer clay (which is actually more semi-transparent) and Copic Markers instead of colouring ink. Ginny had mention something about alcohol in the process, so I thought I could try the good old markers which my husband and I still have a bunch of since the days when we went to Art and Design college. And it worked really well! Just a tip for all you Polymer Clay artists out there. I am certainly going to continue experimenting with them and the clay. I played around a lot, which was great fun. And this one here I might use in my design of a bracelet for the challenge. It is a curved link which also follows the form of the wrist. I am very pleased with the form. (But it IS a crappy photo - I know. )

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