Thursday 29 April 2010

C as in C-Urchin, Conrad and Cute birds

Look at that! Am I lucky or what? It will soon be arriving in my mailbox. From England and C-Urchin. Absolutely wonderful stuff she does! I would like to have everything she does. And I would like to write an article about her. Maybe I will. She lives very near my parents-in-law in Somerset, England. So I hope to get to visit her studio next time I'm there. You can check out her amazing things on Etsy and on flickr.
Conrad, my soon 8 year old son, wanted to try wire-working. I gave him some bronze wire and tools. This is what he did. An earring inspired buy that Klee painting on the ABS April Challenge. He wants to add some beads and send it in to participate. Mum is very proud!
Conrad has taught me about this very cute bird. It is named Qetzel, and it is the national bird of Guatemala, and they have also named their currency after it. I think I could easily be inspired by their great apperance when I make jewellery.

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Barbara Lewis said...

Love the ceramic bead ... can't wait to see what creative way you use it. Conrad looks right at home with a length of wire!