Monday 19 April 2010

Bracelet Paul & Polly

My entry for AprilABS is kind of my own personal/private fun experimental workshop put together in a bracelet. I have spent a lot of time scrutinizing Klee's painting. There are so many forms, colors and details in that painting you will never be finished looking at it. Always something new to experience and so many different ways of looking at it. It has really grown on me. (Although I have always been a fan of Klee.)

I made the curve and one of the beads myself in transparent polymer clay which I colored with Copic markers (that worked really well by the way, they contain alcohol).

Other materials/supplies I have used are black leather cord, recycled sari silk from
Objects & Elements, an enamaled bead by Barbara Lewis at PaintingWithFire, various beads of wood, glass and brass, waxed linen cord and bronze wire.

For the "leaf dangle" I used a brass folded leaf from
Objects & Elements and added an enameled headpin by Barbara Lewis. I made a spiral shape of the headpin.

Please write a comment! I would be very happy to hear what you think of this.



Lorelei Eurto said...

very cool malin!!

Pretty Things said...

Oh how very cool!

Malin de Koning said...

Oh you are too kind! I might redo it anyway. I think i will take away the polymer clay curve. I do like it a lot but it becomes a bit too much with the other things on that particular bracelet. And i will use the curve on something else. Whenever I get around to do it. I am not very quick in my production. Too many ideas, too little finishing spirit i believe ...

mairedodd said...

i really think this is great... you put a lot of time and thought into it... your focal is colored in such an interesting way, i would love to see it in person! i didn't get around to the challenge this month as much as i wanted to - but i saw fibers in it as well, a translation of the softness that contrasts against the line and spots of bold color - you did a fabulous job!
oh, and i meant to tell you that i loved your comment on the abs post about losing your muse... the advice your art teacher gave you lines right up with what we are taught about our kids - they get the most upset and frustrated when their brains are ready for the next step, but their bodies cannot keep up... very interesting point, and one i will remember!

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

This bracelet is sooo cool! I love how everything flows round and round and your eye just keeps flowing.

Mark de Koning said...

Well done Malin. I am very happy for you!

Stefanie said...

Your bracelet is wonderful and congrats for being designer of the week at ABS. You deserve it so much!

regards Stefanie

Unknown said...

This is so my style!
Malin, it was awesome to see you on Art Bead Scene with your spectacular bracelet!

Betty Ann said...

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