Monday 7 June 2010


Crazy beautiful arrival from Happy Mango Beads. I am slowly becoming dependant of their large christmas beads strands. I wonder if I could subscribe on them. Regular delivery of two strands every other week ...
Happy Mango Beads - I just love the rustiqueness of a lot of their beads in general. Glass, gemstones or other natures materials. And just look at those pink resin-beads to the far left on the picture. Cute and summery enough, eh!?!!

I believe today's "One-a-Day" will contain some of these beads. How about those large rough facetted brown glass ones. They are just wonderful. Well the whole lot is gorgeaus really.

"One-a-Day" of yesterday and today will be posted tomorrow.

Until then - all my best!


steufel said...

Hmmmmmm, yummie - looking forward to your new pieces! regards Stefanie

Regina said...

I love the exotic beads from 'Happy Mango beads' too and their Christmas beads too! Looking forward to seeing your one-a-days! Enjoy your new beads..

Patti said...

What a cool stash of beads to work with! Pretty colors!