Tuesday 1 June 2010

Please help me - who made these?

I am on the hunt for the name of the person who made this group of lampworked beads. I saw them on a site about a year ago, and I liked them, so I have saved the picture in my inspiration folder ever since. In this folder I add, swap and alter pictures more or less daily. But this one has stayed there all the time. I understand that I really really like these beads, and that I should try to buy them. But I had just started surfing for inspiration at the time, so I didn't make a note of who made them or where I saw them. So now I am asking all of you out there for help. I would so much appreciate any hint.


Stephanie said...

They look kind of like Sarah Moran's beads.

mairedodd said...

i agree with stephanie... good luck!

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you so much ladies. I agree! And I have been to Sarah's site a few times before, roaming around. But I couldn't find these ones. But I DO looooove her beads so much.

But check this out now. Suddenly I had a flashback. Something about the word "squish". So I made a google search for "squish lampwork". AND there they were. So strange they are both calling their business zbeads, just differently spelled. Jen is English. I did remember that too, kind of. Guess who's gonna do some shopping ...

Jen Zeiger

All my best!

Rebecca said...

They are certainly beautiful, I'm not surprised you wanted to track them down! Let us know when your beads arrive, I would love to see more of Jen's creations.

Jen Zeiger said...

Hi Malin, I am so humbled that my beads are on your blog! I love the "Squish" series and they have been a very big seller on my site. I have added a few more since you last took a look around so check out the other colors. Thank you for sharing my work with others...I found your blog from someone that saw my beads on your site and ordered them:) Have a wonderful week and happy beading!

Malin de Koning said...

Jen, it's all my plessure!
I am just so happy i finally found you again. You make very very very wonderful beads. I will come and buy some when i get into some money next time. Just hope they are not sold out by then. But i am still happy i generated some business for you. Talent and good things should be spread and appreciated.
All my best