Saturday 5 June 2010

"One-a-Day-Challenge" - No 1 - Bracelet "Lori"

I have given myself a new challenge. I shall complete one piece of jewellery every day. I call it my own " One-a-Day-Challenge". This is the first piece. Completed on friday the 4th of june 2010.
Coincidentally, (or perhaps not), I got very inspired yesterday when I saw Lorelei's latest jewellery using hard wire. So I was gonna try that style myself. But I got somewhat carried away during the process, so it ended up that you can't see any of the wire at all. But I am very pleased anyway. And I just had to name this bracelet "Lori", after Lorelei Eurto of course.
Dandelion focal - Heather Powers of HumbleBeads
Patinated brass wire - Patina Queen
Two brass dangles - Objects & Elements
Creme roughly facetted glass beads
Turqouise e-beads
Etched brass round
Copper clasp
Brass rolo chain
My cat Charlie likes to squeeze into tiny spaces as I have mentioned before here on my blog. This is today's attempt. A shoebox for the new shoes we bought yesterday for my daughter Arabella. And ... he succeded very well, didn't he.


Regina said...

Very nice, I like the colors and the focal. Good luck with your 'one-a-day' challenge.

steufel said...

Wow, ambitious! And your first bracelet is gorgeous. I'm excited to see what you'll show us tomorrow. regards Stefanie

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you!
And yes, i have to push myself a little to actually complete all those ideas i have. No 2 was finished last night, just waiting to be photographed. I am off to sailing catamaran today (first time!!!), and then to friends for football & grilling. So i hope i will not be too exhausted to post tonight.