Wednesday 1 September 2010

Wishful Wednesdays #1

I thought I would start with another regular post here on my blog. It shall be called "Wishful Wednesdays". Guess what it will be about! Yes, you guessed right. I will tell you about things I wish for. Meaning I really like them in some way or other. They could be expensive or cheap. They could be beads, or books, or any other thing really. I might get them one day, or they might be something I probably would never get around to purchase. But I can dream! Beautiful and exciting things always kind of cheer me up. And I wanna share that feeling with you.

I should say thank you to Jade Scott really. On her blog she posts every now and then her "Five Faves" from Etsy. Very inspiring to look at. Makes me very happy. So I thought I'd do something similar. Thank you so much Jade!

So here we go:

Wishful Wednesdays #1
These beads are made by Claire Maunsell of StillPointWorks and the blog the Next Bend. She wrote this wonderful post telling us about the process to come up with this design. Very nice to read. And those beads I just love! So special, organic and like object you could find in nature. Just beautiful shapes and colours. Really has my fantasy going.

Say Hello to Amaguq! He was all handmade by Harem6 from Romania/Germany. From their own clay formula and with pencil drawings on. They do jewellery too and dolls, apart from art pieces. All their things are so utterly special and unique! Like they come from another universe. I get a strong Eastern European feeling, being reminded of animated films I saw in my childhood.

This Krinkle Chain from Ornamentea keeps saying "buy me buy me buy me buy me" to me. So what am I supposed to do? I guess I will end up buying it soonish.

It's something about unevenly facetted gemstones. I am sooooo attracted to them. These Golden Pyrite Rough Nuggets is sold by Lima Beads. Yummie Yummie!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think.
All my best


steufel said...

Ohhhhhh - that krinkle chain is fabolous. I hear it talking to me, too :-)

TesoriTrovati said...

Great idea Malin! Really sparks the creativity to see what others are attracted to. I would say if that chain is on speaking terms with you that you should welcome it home with open arms. That is what I would do. And I have been seeking some faceted pyrite for too long. I love that shape no matter the stone. Yum!
Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

Oooh awesome!

You know, you should email me if you ever run into really high shipping prices -- I help a friend in Britain by collecting her things shipped to me and then shipping them all to her at once. Saves her a ton.

Nicki said...

Hey, Thank you Malin for your wonderful comments on my blog post. It is really special to me that you liked it and that you shared your own experienced and feelings. The change that I talked about is the change that I managed well - there is some other change going on that I am not confortable about sharing now on my blog. More tough. But I am a positive chick, and although it is difficult sometimes, I am looking for the better side of things. And I hope you can do it too, at least a bit. I love your beads - need to hop over to your Etsy shop right now....

harem6 said...

Wow! We are so happy to discover your world and even more happy for featuring us here! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It really means a lot to us! We wish you an amazing week end to come!!!

Rebecca said...

What a lovely idea! Maybe I will join in with it too...if I can be organised enough! x

Cindy said...

Hello Malin
What a beautiful line up here..thank you for introducing me to some shops I've never heard of...I really love those pyrite beads and the chain from Ornamentea! Congrats on winning Lori's give away!