Wednesday 9 February 2011

Wishful #15

For my studio I would like a group of this style of crocheted rag bowls and baskets in various sizes and shapes. To keep pens, tools, and bits and bobs that I need handy on the table top. I like the ones in pale/worn colours, like this one by HippieChicDesigns.

But then again I just can't resist this one by TheKeepersHouse. Very yummy colours. To be hung on the wall.

Something for jewellery making. A beatiful chain from SunAndMoonCraftKits.

I don't think I have ever followed an instruction to the letter. Basically I never follow instructions, full stop (whatever that says about me?). But LOOOK at this bracelet by Marcie at La Bella Joya. I HAVE to make it. So soon I will get my first Tila beads, which I've been so keen on ever since they where first launched. I will choose other colours, but apart from that I will follow her Tutorial exactly. Gotta get that one too of course.

Mmmm, time for coffee.


Marcie Abney Carroll said...

Thank you!!
I really am glad you like it and it means so much to hear that! It makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you!

Christine'sCreations said...

Beautiful things! I especially like the bracelet and brass chain. Thanks for the link. Have a great day.

Anna Lear said...

So many pretty things here; I especially love those little bowls!! I just taught my 6yo to crochet (chain stitch, anyway) and she would totally groove on these! Hope you're enjoying your day.

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous! A studio full of those bowls would be lovely...and I love the photo of you drinking coffee! Made me smile :-)

Pretty Things said...

Love those bowls!