Saturday 12 May 2012

The Echo Creative Club - May

As some of you might already know I am in the Echo Creative Club which is hosted by Jeannie Dukic. What is it? Well, Jeannie is not only a jewelry designer, she also creates her own beads in polymer clay. As a member of her club you have signed up to join her challenge for a number of months. The number and which months, you have chosen yourself. I myself picked four months spread out over a year. So those months I get some beads made by Jeannie. For free! What does she get in return then? In short you could say that I am supposed to make a piece of jewelry with them. And blog about what I made. 

We shall also show an image on our blog when we have received the beads. And here is what I got for May. 

I got some lovely white "peeled paints" beads, 10mm with copper and gold. Very beautiful. I think I already have an idea what I will make with them. But you will not get to see that until the 25th my friends. But let's just say that I am attending a wedding in England in July, and I believe I will wear them then ... ;-) 

Thank you so much Jeannie! I love to get "challenges" like this. And I love the beads you sent me this month.

Stay tuned. All my best, 

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