Sunday 6 May 2012

One Crayon Color Challenge - My reveal

Finally, after a slight delay, here is what I made for the One Crayon Color Challenge, arranged and hosted by the lovely Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime

So, when I signed up I first thought I should pick green. It is by far my most favorite color, and the one I probably have the most beads of in my stash. But then I had a second thought. Why a challenge if it isn't a challenge? I asked myself "Which color would be the one most difficult for me to create something monochromatic in?". The answer came directly: RED! So that's what I wrote in the form on Sally's blog. Godness me, why do I have to make things so difficult for myself? I tell you - it is because I love it. It is just too boring to walk on the safe road. That's who I am. 

But the funny thing was, that I had purchased two absolutely gorgeous red stoneware beads from Lisa Peters only a couple of weeks before. And they hadn't arrived yet, and I actually had completely forgotten about them when I signed up for Sally's challenge. But when they arrived I just knew directly that I was going to use them in my piece. 

The necklace
I have made a long lariat necklace. I really like lariats. Even so I have not made many in my life. Hope this will be a beginning of something new. Above each stoneware bead by Lisa sits a round red ceramic bead by Gaea

If you haven't yet hopped around to the other participants, please do. There are a lot of lovely creations to be seen out there. Have fun!!!

Hosted by:

Sally Russick


Bobbie Rafferty


Linda Landig
Renetha Stanziano
Tanya Goodwin
Amy Severino


Heather Powers


Rebecca Anderson
Hope Smitherman
Alicia Marinache
Charissa Sloper
Sandi Volpe


Jenny Davies Reazor
Elizabeth Auld


Jennifer Judd Velasquez
Lori Anderson
Diana Ptaszynski
Janice Everett



Angel Whisperer said...

Underbart !! fantastiska färger enkelt och ändå STRIKING :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this style..I must try this someday!

Linda Younkman said...

What a great use of red. The lariat style is fantastic and your red combo is very pleasing. Very pretty.

Bobbie said...

It's lovely - isn't it nice when stretching yourself creatively turns out so well?

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love the use of those beads and I love the lariat necklace! What fun to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Kym Hunter Designs said...

Your piece is certainly worth the wait! Very pretty and I love the the red stoneware beads!

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

This is really beautiful! Red can oftentimes be a hard color to design did a wonderful job!

Alice said...

Malin this piece is fabulous! I love the lariat design, and Lisa's beads are out of this world!

Therese's Treasures said...

Your Lariat necklace is beautiful. I love those two beads you got from Lisa Peters.

Heidi Post said...

I love it! Those beads are just incredible, and it looks like it would be so fun to wear. Good job pushing yourself with red :)

Rebecca said...

It is beautiful Malin - I love Lisa's beads and you have brought your usual style and elegance to them.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Oh, so worth the wait! The reds you've used are gorgeous and the end beads on your lariat are amazing! like lanterns .... just stunning. I keep meaning to try a lariat - perhaps this is my incentive if my piece could turn out so well!

aneri_masi said...

Oh my! how very pretty! I need to make a lariat now, lol.
Love the flow of the necklace!

SueBeads said...

Malin! Those beads are to die for, and you made an amazing piece to show them off!


STUNNING red Design! I simply love the mix of beads and those focals are lovely - would love to wear this one around my neck :)

Miri Agassi said...

It's a beauty! Well done.

Courtney Breul said...

I love the red and black and Gaea's beads are magical!

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Malin looks awesome!

Regina said...

What gorgeous beads, reminds me of a chinese lantern. You have picked the best way to display such a pair, I am glad you decided on a lariat. Lovely!

jessememan said...

Malin..I love this design! Beautiful!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Malin, this turned out absolutely incredible! I love it! The style and the shades of red, just wonderful :) I hope you do more lariats! And use more red!

Mary Harding said...

I am so glad that I came back to see your Reveal. Your necklace is absolutely stunning as are Lisa Peters beads. Just love it. And it is so you!!

CraftyHope said...

You have me DROOLING over this necklace. I don't know if it's the simplicity of it, the red, or those beads from Lisa; but it's just amazing. You really blew this challenge out of the park. Now I feel bad for sticking on the safe side and choosing my favorite color {hanging my head in shame}. Such a fantabulous job!

Rebekah said...

What a fun necklace Malin! You did wonderfully well with red—I would have never guessed you had a hard time with it!

Pretty Things said...

STUNNING! I have to get some of those beads. And you did the right thing, choosing something that challenged you. I hope you're feeling better!

Jenny said...

Hi Malin! Its lovely! Don't those Lisa beads look like paper lanterns? I do wish I had purchased some last time I saw her. I love what you have done, and like the seed beads and chain dangles.

Jenny said...

Hi Malin! Its lovely! Don't those Lisa beads look like paper lanterns? I do wish I had purchased some last time I saw her. I love what you have done, and like the seed beads and chain dangles.

Jo said...

OH that is so lovely - but then I knew I would find something beautiful here! Definitely worth the wait.