Tuesday 22 May 2012

Designer of the Week :-)

What a treat! Heather Powers has picked my necklace for this week's feature on Art Bead Scene. I am proud to say the least. 

She made that nice photo montage you see above. And she wrote so very nicely about my design:

"I love how Malin color blocked the beads, it leads the eye around the necklace like a little stroll through the French neighborhood in our inspiration painting.  The art beads/focals off to the side add interest and movement.  I love that while the design seems simple Malin managed to use three art beads paired with glass and stones that sets the necklace apart."

It's a bit funny with this necklace, and how the design happened. It was one of those times you know, when you afterwards really can't remember how it went as you were making it, or how you were thinking. It just worked out by itself ... coz it was obviously meant to be. It seems your body, limbs, fingers are moving all by themselves. And when it's finished and done, you take a step back and look at your creation sort of as for the first time. It's almost uncomfortable in a sense. Like you weren't there during the process. But at the same time it's a great feeling. Especially when you are pleased with the final result. And I must admit I really am with this necklace.

It's called "flow"I believe. When you enter that stage of out-of-your-body-feeling whilst in the middle of something. You completely loose sense of space and time. And when you "wake up" again, you notice you are super hungry, and really need the toilet. But you didn't know that for at least a couple of hours or so.

here's the link to my original post about this necklace.
Here's the link to the post on Designer of the Week on Art Bead Scene, ABS.
Here's the link to the Art Bead Scene, ABS flickr group.

All my best,


Angel Whisperer said...

VAD KUL !! hade jag räknat med faktiskt då detta halsband är en riktig tiopoängare :) GRATTIS !! <3

Heidi Post said...

Lmao "you're hungry and you really need the toilet." it's a really cool necklace. I'm glad it made itself through your hands :)

Courtney Breul said...

What a great piece and congratulations!!

Alice said...

Congratulations! I saw Heather's post earlier today. What a great piece! I love the little houses and the leaf connector.

SueBeads said...

It's beautiful, congratulations!

Unknown said...

I like it a lot and think its a spot on interpretation of the painting. Will be following your blog from now on!

SmittenBeads said...

Hi Malin,

I just wanted to say I love this necklace, it's absolutely stunning! brilliant chatting to you the other day and thanks for the great comment about the Brit Pack beaders challenge. with love Claire x