Wednesday 16 May 2012

My trials and errors with DeCoRé Clay

FusionBeads sent me some DeCoRé Clay to play around with for the month of April. But hey, its May now! What happened? Why didn't I blog before? Oh, I am sorry, but I have to admit that me and DeCoRé clay are not best friends. I have really tried. I really have! First I just thought I would try it out to see how it works, and so on. I already had these two ring bases with square bezels in my stash. So I thought I could use them. My first attempt is the pale ring to the right. I was only testing and experimenting with the material there. And I put all sorts of beads in it. Bugles, drops, seed beads. AND a few of the crystal chatons I was given together with the clay.

FusionBeads did send a cool roll pendant from Nunn Designs also (see next image), that I was supposed to use the clay on. After my first attempt, with the first ring I was thinking and considering and trying different angles on what I could do with the roll pendant. I had many ideas I tell you. And then when I was about to give it a go again some days later (well it was weeks actually ... hrm), I thought I should make another ring again, first, just to get used to the clay a bit more before putting it on the roll. But I realized after having done that, that I would never be able to put the clay on the roll even. All the way around and evenly. And I did search for all possible tips and tricks and instructions I could find on the internet. It didn't help. Not me. It looks so easy for everyone else. But it wasn't for me. :-(

So after having made the second ring, I decided I didn't want to ruin the nice Nunn roll with my clumsy work. So I have saved it for a better day :-).

DeCoRé Clay is a two component epoxy clay, which starts to harden when you mix the two components together. It also works as a glue in itself, and that is why you can attach it as it is to different kinds of bezels, and also attach things to it, like the crystal chatons. You have about 1-2 hours to work with it once mixed. And then it will take about 24 hours before it is completely hardened. 

Since I didn't manage to show you anything nice I've done, I thought I'd share with you some examples by other people of what you can do. See below.

There are many places online where you can find info about DeCoRé Clay. Check out these two:

I certainly hope you will be more successful with this material than I was. Anyway I am glad I got the chance to try it out at least. Thank you FusionBeads!

All my best,

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