Saturday 29 January 2011

Introducing a new feature on my blog

I am a sucker for music unless you already knew it. Every now and then I have posted a YouTube link to a piece I really like here on my blog. I even tried for a while to have a regular post once a week called Magical Musical Mondays. But I stopped doing that, to be honest simply because I didn't ever get any comments on them, after a while.

But I do wanna share music I like with you. Music and art goes hand in hand for me. I need music to get me by.

So I just now got this idea I could have a little square in my sidebar for a song I currently wanna share with you. I will swap tune on an irregular basis, but rather often. I will NOT write a post everytime I swap, so you will just have to give it a look everytime you check my blog. It will be music of all different kinds, only thing in common will be, I like it all.

So here's the first one now:
Richard III by Supergrass. The point with this one is to play it LOOOOOUUUUUD, dance like crazy, and afterwards feel completely blown away.

Look to the right for a square called "The Song of Today".

Please enjoy!


Regina said...

I decided to check out your song of the week. I like to listen to music too, but I do not seek out new songs and singers, so this will be a nice way to be introduced to music outside of my comfort circle.. but unfortunatey the video is blocked in the USA Vevo due to copyright issues. But I will check out the song on my own. Thanks for the recommendation. I will come back to tell you if I liked it.

Malin de Koning said...

Oh, I didn't know that Regina. Thanks for letting me know. But what a shame. I don't know what to say really, and how shall I handle that? I do have many followers in the US. How shall I know which songs are blocked and not? We'll see if I will manage to find a way to handle that in the future.

How silly!!!!!!!


Lorelei Eurto said...

bummer! i was all ready to listen and start dancing. will go look it up on grooveshark.

Malin de Koning said...

Cool, i found it on grooveshark. never heard of that site. We have something called Spotify in Sweden.
I guess I could add an alternative link for all songs that might not be able to see on YouTube.

I guess the song didn't blow you away since I haven't heard anything .... :-)

Try it on your spouces, maybe it is more of a typical male kind of music.

Heidi Post said...

Supergrass is one of those bands that whenever I hear something by them I haven't heard before, I LOVE it, and it makes me want to get everything they've ever done, but then I always forget. For instance, I absolutely LOVE their song "Butterfly." And I nearly fell over when I saw the Hot Rats (their covers-only side project) on Letterman. I promptly downloaded that album. Thanks for the kick in the pants. I will definitely pursue them further now.

And thanks to Lorelei for suggesting Grooveshark. I discovered that a couple of years ago when another Swede I know linked me to it as the consolation prize for my inability to use Spotify. I totally sold out Grooveshark for, and then Songza. I see they've worked some kinks out though, so maybe I'll be back.

Point is, excellent feature. And if you would like me to be your lab rat, feel free to send me any youtube videos and I'll test 'em out for you. I pretty much live in front of my computer.

Oh, and I just listened to Richard III - excellent!

Malin de Koning said...

It's a deal Heidi! Thank you!