Sunday 2 January 2011

2011, and I am wishing for elephants

Ever since I was a child I have liked elephants. I kind of collected them. Had many cuddly toys for instance. And have you seen that nature film about elephants that mourne their dead? They stop at the spot where someone died years ago and stand still for a day or so. Very moving to see. And later the whole flock goes on a search for a missing young one. They just don't give up, and when the mum and the child finally see each other from a distance they start running, and it is so beautiful. David Attenburgh narrating. I cry rivers. They really are such magnificent animals.

Now I am at it again. I am lusting to add beautiful elephants in my jewellery. I am calling all art bead makers to create toggles, beads, pendants or anything that could be used in my jewellery. Your own personal interpretation of the elephant/s. And I am hereby calling first dibs on your pieces! Thank you!

Here are a few things to be found on Etsy at the moment:


Karen Williams said...

Hmm...... Elephants. Wonder where I could go with that? May have to give it some thought.

Malin de Koning said...

Yes, go go go!

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful shout out Malin - I love the pictures you've used here in your post but can just imagine the other wonders that some of our favourite bead artists could come up with! Can't wait to see what this new year holds for you and your jewellery making :-) x