Tuesday 11 January 2011

VLOG - The Studio

My first VLOG ever - kind of. Totally spontanous and unprepared I suddenly just picked up the camera last Saturday and started filming, talking about this and that that I happened to come to think of. This is reality in it's purest form ... (?) Be prepared to listen to my Brittish English with a slight Swedish accent.

To see the "VLOG" in better resolution click here, it will take you directly to YouTube

I was hoping this could go on the BTW-group on flickr. But it is far too big. So I will just post the link to this page instead.

Please leave your comments!

All my best,


Heidi Post said...

I liked your video - I am totally jealous of your tray of art beads! I have only a couple. Hopefully your new table will suit you better and you can get all organized.

Barbara Bechtel said...

Fun! I loved it Malin!

Malin de Koning said...

Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it, considering its nature

Anonymous said...

Hi Malin,
I liked your video. It was nice to hear your voice and hear you chat about your studio. All my beads (or most) have covered lids. Do you every experience big spills in the drawers? It was nice to be able to see them clearly, that would be inspiring.