Monday 31 January 2011

Bead Table Monday

Bead Table Monday. 5 thick envelopes arrived in my mailbox today!
These are the contents! Oh oh oh! What would YOU do? Pick one of the components and share your ideas with me.


Heidi Post said...

The rectangle button + sari fabric = bracelet. There'd have to be some more little things involved. Knowing me, a bird. And definitely antique bronze or maybe oxidized silver wire & findings.

I love all those Classic Elements buttons actually. Can't wait to see what you do with these pieces.

Anna Lear said...

Yummy!!! (And I don't feel quite so guilty for going on my own little Etsy shopping spree lately...) I love it all but today am drawn to the black and white elements; that piece you're holding might make a cool off-center focal for a necklace, combined with the StillPoints cylinders and some of the black and white smaller beads. The StillPoints links would work beautifully with the greenish Classic focals, perhaps along with some of the Reduction green daisies. Thanks for sharing these -- I'm inspired! And I want to do more shopping... Have fun!

Malin de Koning said...

what marvellous suggestions from both of you, thank you so much

Rebecca said...

I think I would go for the cream and blue Classic Elements button/pendant and use it perhaps as the clasp to a cuff, together with some vintage lace which is my new FAVOURITE thing to use in jewellery making! I'd couple it with some antique bronze wire and perhaps some blue little Gaea beads and some of my left overs from the Lorelei/Fusiion challenge!

Debbie / Prairie Emporium said...

OH so much fun!!! Don't know where to start.

Pretty Things said...

WOW wow wow wow! And I love how you laid this out!

Malin de Koning said...

Again, thank you for every comment! I am so happy you all get as excited as myself. It is fun to share pictures like this, coz I know how much it is enjoyed by "us".

I like the lace Rebecca. I would have to get some first though. Perhaps a trip to the city tomorrow, to Mattson's Band. A heavenly shop filled with ribbons, trims, buttons and such things. Another shop just a block away from that one is a fabrics shop, Ohlsons Tyger, but they also have lots of buttons. And I wanna get some more of a huge square one I need for a chunky bracelet I am making.

Heidi, I WAS looking for silk ribbon for that button, just like you suggested. A wonderful marriage between the rustic and the exquisite.

And Anna, I am also very drawn to the black and white lately. Definately an off-center focal like you suggested. I looove those beads. And all the other ones I got today too obviously.

I just started on a necklace with the StillPointsWorks round ones with copper wire links. But now it is way to late for me to continue, just past 12, and I am tired. I'll have to continue on that one tomorrow I guess.

Angel Whisperer said...

I fell in love with that button with one hole looks like something from the sea :) woow
those soft colors need some thinking....guess I would try and make a romantic bracelet in those soft spring nature colors...with some brass chain and what ??...must have it i my hand to start the muse fully...think some freshwater pearls also sea theme and stones in those colors...and as i am to it probably some kinds of ribbons or yarns..

Courtney Breul said...

Wow. Love it all. Would be most tempted by the Still Point Works corner. Those look like FUN! THanks for sharing.